During the Investigation Phase, we focus on getting to the root of the problem.  We observe and analyze the working environment of the product and search out the users most familiar with its use.  Questions about the existing constraints, limitation or failures are asked.  We purposely push the limits of possibilities and challenge the boundaries of the envelope in order to foster innovative ideas.
Our Methodologies:

 Progressive Development
     ◦ Phase 1 - Investigation
         • Define Project Scope
         • Set Specific Objectives
         • Gather Information
         • Assess the Market
         • Conduct User Research
         • Identify the Problem(s)
         • Prioritize Requirements
         • Target Key Opportunities
     ◦ Phase 2 - Conceptualization

     ◦ Phase 3 - Refinement
     ◦ Phase 4 - Execution

 Guiding Principles