* Work done by Tom Mollnow while an employee of Color Kinetics.
Our Past Work:

 Children’s Products
     ◦ Blast Powercore Family
     ◦ Burst Powercore Family
     ◦ ColorBlaze TRX
     ◦ Cove Powercore Family
     ◦ eW Par 38
     ◦ eW Radiance
     ◦ Reach Powercore Family

 Power & Control Equipment
 User Interface



 Blast Powercore for Color Kinetics, 2006 - Created as an update to Color Kinetics' most successful fixture at the time, Blast Powercore was developed to improve system performance, lower cost and increase durability.  The separate compartments created by the two pocket cast aluminum housing reduced quality defects while improving thermal characteristics, resulting in a reinvigorated product line.