* Work done by Tom Mollnow while an employee of Color Kinetics.
Our Past Work:

 Children’s Products
     ◦ Blast Powercore Family
     ◦ Burst Powercore Family
     ◦ ColorBlaze TRX
Cove Powercore Family
     ◦ eW Par 38
     ◦ eW Radiance
     ◦ Reach Powercore Family

 Power & Control Equipment
 User Interface



 Cove Powercore for Color Kinetics, 2007 - Needing only four molded ABS parts to create its housing, the Cove Powercore fixture was originally designed as a low cost, snap-together fixture.  The innovative mounting base allows the LED compartment to rotate over 180° on the fixture’s central axis and fully within its own profile.