Our Past Work:

 Children’s Products
     ◦ Blast Powercore Family
     ◦ Burst Powercore Family
     ◦ ColorBlaze TRX
     ◦ Cove Powercore Family
     ◦ eW Par 38
     ◦ eW Radiance
Reach Powercore Family
 Power & Control Equipment
 User Interface





 * Work done by Tom Mollnow while an employee of Philips Color Kinetics.

 Reach Powercore for Philips Color Kinetics, 2008 - At over 5000 lumens output, Reach Powercore was at the time one of the most powerful products ever offered by Philips Color Kinetics.  With a nod to high-end automotive engine block styling, its design language was crafted in order to convey a sense of the “raw horsepower” embodied in the fixture.