* Work done by Tom Mollnow while an employee of Color Kinetics.
Our Past Work:

 Children’s Products
     ◦ Blast Powercore Family
     ◦ Burst Powercore Family
     ◦ ColorBlaze TRX
     ◦ Cove Powercore Family
eW Par 38
     ◦ eW Radiance
     ◦ Reach Powercore Family

 Power & Control Equipment
 User Interface



 eW Par 38 (Proof of Concept) for Color Kinetics, 2008 - Sharing the working profile of a traditional Par 38 lamp, this LED driven lamp was created to fill a short run (~200 pieces) of pre-production parts.  The cast acrylic shell houses the electronics, provides a mounting point for the lens, and shrouds the heat sink while still allowing cooling airflow.